This life of mine, alongside a beautiful, creative 13 yr old – despite all the negative illustrations of chaos, emotions and anarchy accompanied in conversations regarding the teen – years  has become an adventure that I would never again choose to believe it best to merely “get through” or survive.  Much to the contrary, what I […]



I have never heard the word “mom” uttered in so many vastly, different expressions, in my entire life.  In fact, in my home, it has replaced my California fallback word,  “dude”.  Dude  means just as many expressions, “awesome!” , “Lame!” , “Go away”, or “Get over here”.  The key is to really tune in to the inflection […]


Stasi Eldredge

Love her.   Real.  Lovely.  Simple, yet powerful, words.  Strong supporter of women. I had the pleasure of hearing Stasi speak this past weekend about her new book coming out in August titled, “Becoming Myself: Embracing God’s dream of you”.  Her previous book, Captivating, had been a pivotal influence in my life, helping me to […]