Brothel or Bethel

For a church’s leadership to allow photography in God’s house, shamelessly capturing snapshots of people in their moments of worship and prayer, filling media accounts with precious junctures of heaven and earth, is for a man to allow his son to peer into his daughters room, violate her privacy and snap photographs of intimacy.

What the Patriarchy has done to the “bride of Christ” is nothing short of prostitution. She stands adorned with merch tables and souvenir stands while her insides rot from cancerous behaviors.

Must she be riddled with chaos and diagnosed with disease before we are willing to shave our heads in solidarity of restoring her health?

We say we love the church, yet few are willing to defend her honor; few are willing to stand up to the bullies and cowards in leadership, the opportunists posed as pastors, and the business men marauding as elders.

Where the previous matriarchs have been preoccupied with positional power, the new matriarchs are vigilant and paying attention.

Where the previous matriarchs have been passive and silent, the new matriarchs have identified their voice and are willing to use it.

The new matriarch possesses heart like a mama bear. She loves the church so much she is willing to risk losing everything to defend her.

There is fresh air amidst us.

Some are choking because it is disruptive to their agenda, but those who love deeply and selflessly will embrace the winds of change and find the strength and courage to face dysfunction and seek treatment.

When you have endured much, there is no fear in the labors necessary for restoring health. But those who sit as fine china on a shelf, insulated from harm and preserved in their self-righteousness, those who remain unresponsive to the cries around them, will stand paralyzed with fear. They are the ones whose reputation is on the line, the ones whose fear of breaking for something or shattering for someone, have kept them from administering the care that could have contributed to the health of the church.

Not many women choose a matriarchal presence within their family. Not many women have shaved their heads in solidarity of another’s burden. Not many women understand what ferocious nurture looks like. But birthed out of that deep place within a mother’s heart is the vigilance to pay closer attention and the courage to endure the necessary treatment.  And some of these ferocious nurturers have had enough of what the patriarchy and its agenda has done to the church. She is not a  circus side-show tent; she is not a prostitute- willing to put out for a small donation. She is a bride. And her mothers have failed her.

The new matriarch is already here. She is speaking and she is proclaiming there is work to do.


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Communications major. Journalist. Willing: to have the tough conversations. Living out the belief that communication strengthens connection.

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