Finding a New Way Forward

“Bloom where you are planted”.

Such an ignorant suggestion.

Try telling that to the gardenia or the orchid. These beauties will quickly respond most unfavorably.

That’s because each living thing is designed for a specific set of nourishment and environment; each living thing requires- no, demands- a way of living that allows it the *ability* to thrive. And it is when one thrives that blooming can even become a remote possibility.

Primitive thinking often persuades a devaluing of your human needs, while careless ignorance will blame your ability to thrive within *their* culture on *you*.

But those learning wisdom grow more and more attune with their senses – assessing needs and making necessary changes because their life depends on it.

Looking back helps us plan a new way forward, a way aligned with who we are and what we need, a way that allows us the ability to thrive, then flourish, and eventually bloom. Blooming on demand is impossible.

It is a statement one uses to remain comfortably ignorant to the needs of those they lead.

One of the simplest practices for learning wisdom is for a living thing to develop an understanding of what they truly need in order to flourish.


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Communications major. Journalist. Willing: to have the tough conversations. Living out the belief that communication strengthens connection.

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