When a woman asks for guidance in pursuing her dream, I do not take it lightly.

This is sacred ground.

I bear witness to a conception.

Directing a vocational school allowed me access to inspired minds and eager learners. Women gathered here to develop a trade, and with hopes of improving their life.

My time was not spent telling women what to think, what to believe, or what to do. We had an accredited curriculum and capable teachers.

My presence was to oversee all departments- create engaging environments, bolster confidence, motivate and inspire.

My job was not only to keep the ship sailing at full speed ahead, but also to make sure all aboard were safe, progressing beautifully, and remained on-track for completion.

Every so often, an innovative woman would ask to meet privately. She would be bursting at the seams with ideas and insights.

Let me tell you this: there is something unforgettably exhilarating in listening to a woman share her vision.

I watch eyes sparkle, postures rise, and cheeks flush as she stumbles upon choosing the right words. Breathtaking.

A woman declaring the treasures in her heart is a most magnificent display. I would go so far as to call it exquisite.

What I suggested to each woman, regardless of her plan, was to begin with a vision board. Write it all out.

Choose the finest words to describe it – this thing you can’t seem to put your finger on but you know it is something.

Cut out magazine clipping, fabric swatches, color schemes and leadership quotes.

Let this conception come to life.

Next, I would suggest placing the vision board on a wall within her home.

Let it stand in sight, day-in and day-out. When it catches your eye, think upon it. When its beauty beholds you, let your heart swell.

When it ignites a spark, give thanks.

When you’ve lost endurance and it seems far out of reach- pray. Pray for more. More inspiration, more guidance, and less distraction- as you place another piece on the board.

“Your beliefs will either move you forward, or hold you back.” – Oprah

Sometimes, when unsure of the next step, it helps to look your personal beliefs dead in the eye.

Investigate, interrogate and question motives.

If you have a dream, if you have an audacious vision for your life – one that has not made its way out of your heart, into your head, onto paper, and developed itself into physical form- you may have beliefs that are holding you back.

If you know you hold great purpose and your thinking has moved you towards desiring a personal contribution to your community – yet you remain tethered to visions that exclude an invitation and prohibit collaboration – you may have a belief system that is holding you back.

Beliefs are for you.

Beliefs are for enhancing your human experience, not replacing it.

Beliefs add value to your life, they do not consume it.

Beliefs are meant to be inside of you, not plastered to your car, toted around in a bag, or used as a weapon to justify judgment.

Beliefs are what help you become the best version of yourself. Beliefs help construct your way, a mode of engaging in this world that can deeply enhance the lives of others.

Let your beliefs lead your steps, and let your path follow your purpose.

Let your purpose come to life on a vision board within your home.

Whatever you can conceive,

add to it belief,

stir it up with action,

and watch it come to fruition.




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Communications major. Journalist. Willing: to have the tough conversations. Living out the belief that communication strengthens connection.

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