This is Where We Keep Developing

There is a long held song and dance about an enemy who hates us. There are folks who truly believe that any resistance in their life is due to a spiritual attack by an arch nemesis.

I do believe that we are tested, that our character is examined and our motives are challenged- even our will power can be held to extremes at times. But what I happen to witness, more often than preferred, is cruel behavior, unethical actions and harbored pain, making its way into the universe by human mouths, human hands and human feet- and with an unwillingness to consider that these evils have been executed by human beings.

The shrieking of “spiritual attack” at the slightest sense of discomfort, keeps people insulated and immune to examination. These people eventually find the protection they seek, a detour from sincerely and humbly looking at the behaviors that flow out of their very own hearts.

Humble people have a language. When you hear it, you know. The wise trust in the process of development. The trustworthy believe in the power of receding.

It’s healthy to say I’m sorry.

It’s ok to claim fault.

It’s beneficial to acknowledge error.

In doing so, we develop and grow, we learn from our experiences.

When the path of pride is chosen – willful ignorance owns our projections, causing a backslide into childish, self-seeking habits and a carelessness forms towards those around us.

My hope is that we choose the pain of discomfort- that we bravely journey into the vulnerability of failure.

My hope is that we, as women, as matriarchs and leaders, practice the pain of sorrowful remorse to the point that we fear it no longer.

Our white fragility and our spiritual bypassing have no place where this world is headed. But with knowledge and wisdom, with humility and grace, we can learn to develop into the resilient women this nation desperately needs in order for unity to arise.

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