Overruled! How to Beat Fear at Its Own Game.

Happy Birthday!

It’s the day we gather together in celebration of another year older in age. Wrapped presents sit on a table, while surrounded by some of our biggest fans. The popping of champagne and clinking of glasses drown out apprehensions of the future. Fear is nowhere in sight at these shindigs. You see, fear doesn’t make an entrance during public praise, fear prefers to make its appearance in the privacy of personal development.

Being identified as the birthday girl = safe.

Being identified as someone who is developing and changing = dangerous.

Standing still is easy. Moving forward takes guts.

Fear often takes center stage when the process of changing thought patterns, expanding beliefs, or growing a love for humanity, begins to take shape. Inspiration, courage, and even large amounts of faith, prove to become overrun by fear. It’s effortless to get stuck living out the same standards as last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. It is often seen as rebellious to be the gal that everyone knows as this or that, and then… change.

Fear is the likely culprit that holds many  people back from experiencing more out of their life.

Fear asks harrowing questions:

  • What if you’re alone?
  • What if there is nothing there for you?
  • What if you lose friends, drop customers, or forfeit patrons?

When the fear of the unknown takes a seat in the mind, self-preservation begins its planning process and the worst case scenario soon becomes imaginable.

But these are real fears that hold real value. Yes, and this means they absolutely must be expressed. If we suppress our fears, or simply dismiss them, we succumb ourselves to unwanted confusion and an unnecessary amount of inner-suffering. Unspoken fears pile up, growing more and more intimidating.

An intimidating fear becomes a paralyzing fear.

Only when we express these fears can the Universe respond with comfort, reassurance, and self-confidence. Through people, opportunities, invitations and refined character traits, the Universe exchanges our fears with the gift of joy – the joy of possibilities, the joy of adventure, the joy of discovery, and the joy of encountering wonder in new and interesting ways.

Joy asks us marvelous questions:

  • What if we’re not alone – that others are on similar journeys?
  • What if we discover new communities of people and find deeper connections?
  • What if we attract more authentic friendships, more invested customers and more inspiring patrons?

Can our fear of not knowing what’s next, be overruled by the joy of not yet knowing the gifts we are about to receive?

To overrule fear, think about a leap of faith as a birthday party. All those who love us unconditionally and have our back, show up with a gift. These gifts are wrapped. Now, don’t we trust that these gifts were selected for us, hand-picked for us, and they are meant for good?  

Really think about that. Who sits at a birthday party fearing the wrapped gifts on the table? Who thinks, “Oh gosh, I wonder what pain and carnage is concealed under that bow?” No one. Instead, we hear, “When I saw this, I thought of you!”, or “This has your name all over it!”.

We will never have to train ourselves to trust more and fear less when we believe in the goodness of the gifts we are given. The real challenge is to see everything as a gift.

Yes, be prayerful, be discerning, and be wise – but also be trusting. Trust in the process of growth, the process of communication, and the process of human development; to trust in the process is to trust God, to trust the I AM, to trust the Universe – trust in whatever you name the Light of The World.

Trust in your journey. It is yours alone to be responsible with and accountable for. Trust that all your questions are right and good; trust that your seeking is aligned, and trust that you are free. Trust in the voice that says, “This is your captain speaking. The seatbelt sign is now off and you are fee to move about the cabin”.

Perhaps at your next birthday party, you will be celebrating much more than growing another year older.



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