Life Essential: Communication

Think about this: communication (social interaction through messages) is not a static thing. It is not a fixed action that produces expected results. Communication is actually a process. The process of communication requires a series of dialogue.

Within these series of dialogues, when we choose to communicate, we are stepping out into the unknown and engaging in an unpredictable process that holds uncertain results.

That is so exciting to me! I can recall instances that I worked overtime to set up the parameters of a difficult conversation. I practiced my script and laid out the bullet points in my mind. There was winning to be had and I was going for the gold.

For some of us, just thinking about a difficult conversation creates a strong sense of fear and anxiety. Where will it go? How will I respond?What will come out of it? All too often, our desire to control the situation can leave us paralyzed or walking away in fear. And when control and fear buddy up, hope becomes the third wheel; hope trails behind like the goofy little sister. You really do love her, it’s just that…well…sometimes she jeopardizes your ego.

When we step beyond our fears and choose hope for a relationship over ego, we become hands free of agenda and motives. Hands free means arms wide open. This is where relationships find strength, this is where a voice gains practice, this is where we get to trust in the process of communication – not for the outcome, but for the developmental process that occurs in spite of any outcome!

The human mind was designed to continue evolving, continue growing and developing. Our thinking was created for curiosity. It’s fear who stands at the door and says it’s too hard, it’s too risky, and it’s just too much work.

But we can do this. We were made for this. If we would only be willing to try.

Here’s a challenge: the next time you feel tempted to block, unfollow, disengage, or divide, consider the process of communication. Consider that it requires a series of dialogues. Or simply ask for the willingness to emerge in your heart that would allow hope and bravery to lead you into communication that is unpredictably and incredibly, wonderful.




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Communications major. Journalist. Willing: to have the tough conversations. Living out the belief that communication strengthens connection.