The Creatives: Delia Cadwallader

Creativity:(noun)  the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns,relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms,methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination. 

I always feel a certain sense of enchantment when getting to sneak a peek into the mind and life of a creative person. Whether it’s through an Instagram post that reveals their home decor and plant obsession; catching a glimpse of their bookshelf to see what they are consuming, or discovering one of their playlists on Spotify. There is an intrigue to uncovering a bit of the mystery that accompanies the creatives, the makers, and the artisans. 

Inspiration is everywhere – and we see this through the expansive collections of art, music, books, and fashion, and many other mediums. Yet, for inspiration being so openly available and wild and free, we still find ourselves often disconnected from it. Which is why hearing about what inspires others can be extremely fascinating and bewitching.


Say hello to Delia.

She happens to be my lovely daughter. (I tell you this because she is beautiful, for obvious reasons, and thus by making the connection, her face reminds me that I too, create beautiful things.) She is an artist, a highly creative creature, and a smashing young woman. I asked her to speak a bit about creativity and what it means to her, to live as a creative. For being 18 years old and experiencing college for the first time, I am continually enthralled with what she is thinking and feeling about life and art and how we can curate a creative life.

Here is what this darling young woman had to say:

Creativity is a mindset, in my perspective. I see creativity as a way of thinking – a lens I intentionally choose to use, in every situation. Creativity is a way of taking what we know and turning it into something new and something different – something that allures us. Creating can prove a point, express a feeling or emotion, to spark a movement, to present yourself, Creating can inform or persuade, or it can simply delight the eye.

I like to stay creatively fresh by waking up every day and accepting that I am unique. I do not have to think, or speak, or behave like others. I see that as my advantage in the world. I do not see creativity as limited and it is not something to be brushed over. It is to be honored. I think creativity is one of the most powerful gifts we, as humans, have. It is the ability to create something new. I also think that imitation is the sincerest form of laziness. When we do not express our own creative thoughts, we fail to see their value and importance.


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