Preying On The Praying

In the wake of this MLK holiday, I am stirred by my own passionate pursuit of justice. After forty years witness to the constant dysfunction of religious agenda, I feel a break in the silence of its continued pattern of oppression.

This evening I watched a clip from a local spiritual conference where a minister was declaring some things over a young man. I know the young man and I am familiar with the church.

The church declared that no success can be found outside of a tethering unto themselves – not a tethering to God, mind you, but unto themselves. The house.

Marching orders, spiritual impartation, anointings, and even a spouse were said to be found only through the lifeline of that very specific church.

The minister had discouraged this individual, along with several hundred members of the congregation and several hundred more watching live, from thinking for themselves. I’ve known this to be true long ago as I was raised in a religious school and my parents lived a life of servitude to a highly religious church.

But now? Still? In this day?

I fear for the nation that falls prey to this level of control and manipulation. Pure hearts, who bleed to carry freedom throughout the earth to ALL people, are coerced into believing that their destinies are tied up with servitude to the leadership and agenda of the church.

Controlling leaders celebrate those who relinquish the responsibility of stewarding their own thoughts and their own relationship with God. The level of pride, arrogance and delusion necessary to carry out this extremely oppressive and inhumane agenda can only be combatted by a thinking mind – a mind that has committed to growing, developing and progressing it’s wisdom and understanding as it was designed to do by the Creator himself.

What great responsibility we place on leaders within a church organization, and great trust, as we allow them to fill our minds and our children’s minds with messages that we hope inspire us to live out greater expressions of love to our neighbors. Instead, we are encouraged to stay seated, stay quiet, and remain trainable.

Why do we not require a single credential with regards to protecting this treasure called a sound mind?

I believe one of the greatest forms of worship to our great God, in expressing gratitude for the wonder that he placed within each and every one of us – is to obtain an education, to practice thinking clearly and whole-heartedly, and to show ourselves approved for the great honor and privilege of serving others. At least, that’s what humility teaches us.

From medical doctors, mental health professionals, judges and politicians – to craftsmen, beauty professionals, and kindergarten teachers, there is a need for whole hearted, faith -filled, thinking people to lead.

I pray that this nation as a whole begins to shift it’s values from being affiliated to being highly astute. And until that day comes, of which I believe it will, I will remain hopeful of humanity and to the goodwill of man. And as for me, I will do my part to encourage those around me to continue learning and growing.

– M


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