Equipped Woman 

Free will is power.

It is the right to choose for ourselves- independent of even the heaviest of influences.

Free will is the power that allows us to break habits, draw lines in the sand, and think critically for ourselves.

Free will is a gift that was meant for our good – not as a tool of judgement for us to be controlled by.

Out of our experiences of free will, comes a knowing.

Out of our knowing, comes a confidence.

And when we know, and when we are confident, we are free.

Truly Free.

Free to let others judge. Free to walk away. Free to stand alone.

Free to excuse ourselves from the  obligation to explain ourselves; free from the urgency to defend ourselves

Free to stand alone, in confidence.

Confidence is remaining sure amidst the questioning winds others may blow in our direction.

Confidence sits with peace in the eye of a storm.

A woman who stands in confidence will be a pillar of inspiration and strength to some, and a symbol of pride and contention to others.

Our judgements of her will take their shape in our hearts as we look upon her with either delight or disdain.

For that is our free will.

As for her, she is not moved.

Our delight does not fill her up and our disdain does not deflate her.

She is sure and she is free.

She is an Equipped Woman.





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Communications major. Journalist. Willing: to have the tough conversations. Living out the belief that communication strengthens connection.

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