Under the Influence

When I was 5 years old my mother bought me a Wonder Woman Underoos set. I would wear my tank top and matching undies around the house. I even slipped on some tights under it, found a mask, and called it a Halloween costume. Ever since I was five, I have held a fascination and curiosity for her.

My grandmother gave me a small red rocking chair when I was seven. I will never forget the day when I turned on the television one afternoon and found a station that aired the original Wonder Woman show. I pulled up my red rocking chair, as close to the TV as possible, and watched with amazement as Lynda Carter twirled into her superhero costume and fought crime. I would watch her every day for as long as the station aired it.

When I turned twenty-one, my interest in her emerged once again and I began collecting and reading old Wonder Woman comic books. She was so bold, courageous and glamorous! But what captivated me the most about her, is how she would talk to the criminals after she bound them. She would ask them questions and then state her most famous phrase:

“Seems to me you could use your powers for good, somehow!”

What I loved about those words, was how even after this crook had committed crimes, and been found guilty, and was awaiting punishment by the law, she was calling out their potential for good. She was the one who still saw greatness in that individual. In all her fierce power and beauty, her voice would resound with gentleness and compassion. She made me swoon.

I was twenty-five when life as a single mother was kicking my ass. I decided I would get a Wonder Woman tattoo to remind me that I can do hard shit, and also that I had permission to look good while I did it. There have been many times over the years where I have stood looking in the mirror at myself, in tears, staring at my arm where she resides. I remember who I am, what is of value to me, and I muster up the strength to fight for it. And then, I wipe my running mascara and I carry on.

I do have to say, that today I am over all of the tacky novelties. I do not purchase any more  Wonder Woman socks, underwear, mugs, necklaces or comic books. I do have a few special items that I keep tucked away, but these days – she is far more in me, than on me – even as her image sits engraved on my skin. .When you truly become certain of who you are, what you believe, and how you desire to live out who you are in this world, all the stickers, logos and merchandise really don’t matter anymore.


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Communications major. Journalist. Willing: to have the tough conversations. Living out the belief that communication strengthens connection.

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