Human Capital : our greatest resource

What are you growing?

A business? Maybe a community? Or perhaps a family or even a world-wide movement?

I’m sure you have great vision and a fiery passion for it – whatever it is! I’m certain you have the courage and gumption; the know-how and the heart.

If what we are hoping to grow involves needing people to walk alongside us, in any capacity, we become responsible for creating a thriving environment for them. After all, human capital is our greatest resource!

Sometimes we become so focused on the end goal – the profit, productivity or other means of measurement – that we end up using those we invited into the journey. Their individual needs become less and less important to us; and their individuality, less and less essential.

Sometimes we need to check ourselves – check our hearts against our practices and see if they are still aligned. A healthy culture is where our values and beliefs are demonstrated through our behaviors.

Here are some key words to ask ourselves as we think about the culture we are establishing:




  • Community is where people look to one another; an Audience is where people look to the leader.
  • Dialogue is a conversation between people; Monologue is communication from the leader to the people.
  • To Collaborate is to invite ideas creativity from all members; To Dictate is to share an already devised plan.
  • Shared purpose allows the community to contribute to what is most important; Private agenda is a set purpose of what is most important to a leader.
  • A pedestal is a support for others – it is under a community; a Platform is raised above the community.
  • Utilizing people allows others to flourish in their involvement; Using people is simply capitalizing on a talent and fulfilling a need.
  • Responsible leaders know the skills, personalities and areas of development, of their people; Careless leaders are well-known by their people.


Our involvements should enhance who we are – not take away from us. Our commitments should grant us greater freedom to use our voice, not limit or silence it. The communities we join should increase our joy, stimulate our minds, and expand our ability to love.

And if we lead others, let us first lead them with love.






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Communications major. Journalist. Willing: to have the tough conversations. Living out the belief that communication strengthens connection.

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