Becoming a Wonder Woman

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star – how I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky –

Twinkle, twinkle, little star – how I wonder what you are”

I remember taking my oldest daughter outside before bedtime and we would sing this song together while gazing up into the clear Colorado night sky. I would tell her they were sparkling just for her.

And then, out of the corner of my eye, one of those diamonds would streak across the sky trailing behind it a glittery path that would disappear before I could squeak – shooting star!!

What happens next is that everyone in earshot begins scouring the galaxy in search of another sighting. And its in that very moment that the twinkling of the stars is no longer enough, there is more wonder to witness – and more wonder is what we desire.

The same goes for the wonder within us. It is one thing to acknowledge our inspiration but it is an entirely new thing to move that inspiration into action. That is called wonder in motion.

What a wonder-ful day when being an inspiring person is no longer enough – the day when we choose to turn our inspiration into action and do something with it.

Inspiration without activation is simply a novel idea. I don’t know about you, but I desire more than that. I want to be more than a twinkling star or a beautiful diamond positioned in the sky. I desire my life to streak across the world around me and leave an essence of wonder that brings a glimmer of hope into the eyes of  another.

Just the same it is simply not enough to have faith – to believe – because even the darkness believes. I am convinced we were created for more than just shining and twinkling.

Wonder Woman did not call herself Wonder Woman. Her name was Diana and she introduced herself as Diana. She did not brand herself or build her own platform. It was the people she rescued, defended and protected who made her a star. Out of her actions, people witnessed wonder and made her name known.

She was a shooting star.


We all have a twinkle. Each of us has a gift, a talent or a skill that brings about wonder. All we have to do is activate it, to scatter it abroad; move it.

I remember the moment my twinkle began to shift and wiggle into motion. It was the day the work of my hands intersected with the passion in my heart. It was 2008. I was leading a team of educators at a beauty institute. There was great opportunity, but only at the cost of great responsibility.

My life grew less about a product and more about people.

Less about hair and more about hearts.

Less about an image and more about a reflection.

Less about external concealer and more about internal makeup.

That is when I happened upon true beauty – she was hidden amidst the labors of love.

Want to be a Wonder Woman, a shooting star?

Here’s our biggest challenge: to sniff out deceiving endeavors that encourage us to focus time, talent and resources into the work it takes to be known as a Wonder Woman and instead, practice living out the bravery and humility to simply live as a woman of wonder.





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