Jog the single track

You know what really gives a bully power over you…the feeling of entrapment.

You are cornered in the school playground, trapped at the dead-end of an alley, forced to live in the same home or your path continually intersects with someone and cannot be avoided. When you feel you are between a rock and hard place, this is what enables bullying behavior to prevail. Entrapment.

I’ve been there many times. I would quickly assume the victim position to receive the taunting, not believing there was a way out, just looking to hurry up, get it over with, and walk away with minimal discomfort. I learned to stand up for myself and began pushing back – and the funniest thing happened, my bully retreated.

Turns out, most people who bully you don’t know what to do when someone stands up to them, because so few are willing to.

Shortly after, an even greater oppressor came onto the scene, looking to push me around: my ownfeelings and emotions – I began kicking my own ass.

There within the confines of my own mind, I allowed painful memories, negative thoughts, and low self-esteem to have their way within me. I had unknowingly given them full permission to make a home in my head, dance on my heart and come and go as they please – in and out of my mouth at any given time. My body had become a chamber, a holding cell that enabled the hurt within my feelings and emotions to bully me into submitting to their demands.

As hopelessness increased, the chemistry within my body shifted and changed, causing any solutions for clarity and rescue to decrease. This slowing down began to narrow my thinking, leading me to a place of limited possibilities and little opportunity.

As the victim of my own self-inflicted wounds, I had once again “assumed the position”. But this time the bully was me.

And just as the way out is to either face it and fight, or look for a way out, we must learn to take a stance of defense in the war on our minds.

This is when it’s time to go for a jog. Jogging our memory reminds us of who we really are. This is not a run, where we focus on the physical movement and direct our thoughts to the just keep moving forward mantra. Jogging is a form of running, but at a slow, leisurely place. Jogging also means to rouse to alertness; to remember; to activate.

I took a jog the other day, not one inspired by a drive for fitness, but as a way to release stress and gain clarity. I filled my ears with songs declaring truth and power; I filled my heart with gratitude and thankfulness; and I filled my body with fresh air that stimulated my thinking.


No one is magically exempt from conflict, but I’ve learned that how we deal with it and how we respond to it, are what determines its positive or negative effect over us. Going for a jog, or jogging our memory, rattles around the things that are stuck, bringing to the surface the cream of the crop – the best of the best; the truth of who I am, whose I am and who God is, in my life.

I believe the jogging trail we must first start on is the single track. The trail with room for only one set of footprints; no lover to hold hands with, no friend to chat with, no one else to follow and no one to lead; just you and your Creator. No looking to the left, to the right, looking within or looking down. Where your gaze is on the path and your focus is on Him.

The single track is wide open with freedom; no filters, just straight from the source. On the single track with God nothing else has room to stand – fear, doubt, worry – none of these will prevail.

  • A quick jog reminds us of His love for us and His power within us.
  • A quick jog reconnects our hearts to His, re-aligns our trust to Him, and renews a right mind.
  • A quick jog rustles up the truth, dislodges fear and shakes it off of us.
  • A quick jog induces the remembering, the recollecting and the re-aligning that needs to take place in order for us to stand victorious.
  • A quick jog sweats out the toxins within our feelings and emotions, taking captive what is restricting our joy and keeping our peace from residing.
  • A quick jog is a power walk, not because you are walking swiftly and forcefully, but because you are moving the physical as a declaration of faith in the spiritual: the infusing of His power into your mind and the restoring of your spirit to its rightful posture of truth.

What needs a quick jog today for you? Where can you shake up what is possibly taking your thoughts captive? Who do you go to in your first defense against conflict and stress?

You are more than a conqueror. Believe this. Tie up your laces, go for a quick jog and remember who you are.




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