Hope in Motion

I’ve been witness to a force surrounding me, an energy buzzing about within my space, over the past several months. Two young couples, madly in love, recently got married.

Watching the way they look into each others eyes is absolutely mesmerizing. Their gaze, oblivious to the pupil and bypassing the retina, heads straight into each others soul.

I especially love the delicate crumb-catching while they share a bite; the ability to tune out the world around them; and the gingerly affection accompanied by attentive ears.

Maybe a bit melodramatic, but If you open your eyes to the interactions between engaged couples and if you stop to sneak a peek at how they engage with each other, you will feel it in your physical body. This energy is undeniably powerful.

Mike and I spent time with one of these couples a few weeks before their wedding. We welcomed them into our home, shared a meal and then exchanged wisdom on love and marriage. Their presence alone infused electricity; there was a delightful static in the atmosphere.

I love being around young married couples, I find it extremely refreshing, even to the point of incurring a contact high simply from the conversations.

What a shame it is, though, when we respond to budding love in an “oh-geez” eye-roll, a “gag-me” sigh or counter their burgeoning unity through the filter of our own personal doubt or brokenness.

We are divorced. We are in an unhealthy relationship. We are still single.

“Must be nice..” we complain.

“Enjoy it while it lasts…” we advise.

Similar to the announcement of a baby on the way. We hated being pregnant. We are absolutely NOT having any more children.

Truth is, we are just jealous. Of love. Of joy. Their simplicity stirs up envy in us.

Maybe we once had it; maybe we never had it; or maybe we simply don’t believe we will ever find it; Love. Joy. Contentment.

It’s OK to be jealous, you know. But whats really sad is when we remain there.

What we miss out on, amidst our sarcasm and patronizing, is actually enjoying the warmth that radiates out from within their fire.

In the canoodling of newlyweds, the wide-eyes of new adventures, we should be breathing in the fumes of their vaporous love. Its intoxicating.

Out of the oceanic swells of this young couples love, Mike and I pulled out our boards and seized an opportunity to surf off of their wave.

I wrote about this date of ours in my journal:

Went on a date with my man last night. Walked downtown in the crisp, fall evening, laughing and holding hands while the sexy sounds of heels clicking pavement played on. Did something new tonight, visited an emerging artists art show and slowly walked around, breathing in each piece. We shared our thoughts with each other and tried to appear as though we knew what we were looking at. Devoured a lovely dinner while filling up on the warmth in my lovers eyes, as the moon and stars all twinkled, just for us. Finished the night with some frisky, live music, where an American Indian shook the tambourine and I shook my hips in a joyful reverberation. The wine flowed while the love burned, all ablaze, all night.

When you see electricity surging, as a crush begins emerging, put on your socks, skim across the carpet, and let it give you a shiver.

When you stand as a witness to a tidal wave of love, let the bigness move in your direction, then ride it.

Draw near to someone else’s joy, let it consume YOU with joy.

Move closer to strong unity, let it spur YOU on with hope.

Drift towards the aroma of the spice in another’s marriage, let it sprinkle you with a zest you can taste in your own.

Move in.

Cynicism is jealousy at a stagnant standstill,

but rejoicing alongside another is hope in motion. 









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Communications major. Journalist. Willing: to have the tough conversations. Living out the belief that communication strengthens connection.

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