~for my family~

What does it mean to be covered in your love?

When you invite me, my lovely one, I place my love over you, like a cover.

My love keeps you warm while bitter cold blows all around you.    

When you move about, my covering of love moves with you. It is not too tight, making it difficult for your expressions; not too loose, smothering you with excess.

My covering is a perfect fit on your frame. 

My love protects you from life’s torrents; it is water-resistant, leak-proof and good for all-weather.

Why, a covering that doesn’t repel the rain ends up becoming a heavier weight upon your shoulders when the rain really pours down!


My covering of love is a shelter under the scorching sun.  Though you may feel the heat, you will not be burned.

My love stays with you as you stretch and grow; remaining fully extended over you. 

My love covering is soft, pliable and easily transportable; humble; eager to be used by you. 

If you only know this much of my love, hold fast to this understanding:  real love is a covering, not a cage.

I tell you this so you will be careful and not be deceived. 

I see cages disguised as coverings, placed unknowingly over good-hearted people. 

I watch them wither and dry up; trapped by rules and entangled in regulations.  

The immoveable bars are one-size-fits-all, binding growth with boundaries of steel.

The cage tells them to bloom where they are planted, right within its own walls.

But my covering of love, helps you find fertile soil, where roots grow deep and limbs extend wide.  

My love whispers guidance, helping you make right choices.

The cage tells you what to say and what to do.

If you only know this much of my love, hold fast to this understanding: my love is a covering, not a cage. 

My love follows you, wherever you go.

My love is with you always and forever.

And as you are free, let them see you as free, those bound by the cages of “covering”.

For you are the one to reflect my love, dispelling all doubt and dismissing all fear, to those good-hearted, withered up ones.

And when they are brave, they will unlock that cage, and look to your beautiful face.

It will be me that they see, and my covering of love; waiting to set them all free.








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Communications major. Journalist. Willing: to have the tough conversations. Living out the belief that communication strengthens connection.

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