Miss Justice

This girl, Justice, she’s a friend of mine.

When I defend those who cannot defend themselves, my heart sings. When someone has been restored with what was taken from them, my stomach flutters.

It is laborious work – fighting, reaching and rescuing in the name of Justice. But my blood beats for her, my soul cries out for her, and my spirit craves her – my friend, Justice.

I really do believe that we are all worthy of her presence, worthy of her defense, and worthy of her protection. I believe we are all deserving of the honor she bestows and the treasure she holds.

I call her my friend.

I love being in her presence; I love to hold her hand. I was created to walk with her, I know it and I feel it in my bones.

Something burns within me when I cannot find my friend Justice; I do my best to continue standing, to remain active enough for her to see me and find me. I try to catch her attention.

Those times when she does not reveal her face, her absence hollows out a cavern of my soul, causing my stomach to ache. I search for a sign that she is near. To even just simply stand in the darkness of her shadow evokes great peace within me.

Sometimes, she hides herself from me.

I’ve learned to ignore the whispers that tell me I’m unworthy of her friendship; taunting me that I am too rotten, too hard, or too audacious for her gracious beauty to reveal its glorious light upon my ineligible eyes.

Both her absence and her silence are unnerving, so I wait patiently for her; not always quietly, but patiently, I wait.

I remind myself of our friendship:

I have grown to see her as beautiful even when it pains me to stand in her presence. I am now able to see her goodness even when it stings to reveal my hidden shame. I can see her love at work when she calls out the truth in me, even when I’m dodging her gaze. I know now the true value of her friendship because I’ve witnessed the health and healing she brings to all who are oppressed by her absence. And as much as we run from her, hide from her and attempt to discount the power of her radiance – she is truly magnificent and I believe in the work that she does.

Strange, how Justice used to come swiftly when I was younger. All I needed to do was simply take a stand and she was right there – shining her light in the darkness. Now, it seems unclear why, but I find that she occasionally hides her face from me.

Perhaps she is challenging me?

“How far will you go to find me? How great of sacrifice will you surrender in the pursuit of my presence?”

Or, perhaps her message is for me to remain steadfast without her; standing bravely in the truth amidst inequality and oppression. Maybe we are called to just do our part alongside her and trust we’ve made a difference even if she stays hidden from view?


I think she knows me, my friend Justice. She knows I crave adventure and love the hunt. She knows that if I cannot find her I will keep looking and keep searching; with eyes and ears tuned in to her whispers.

She also knows that my love for her is faithful and when she desires my silly little alliance, she always knows where to find me.

And so, I wait patiently; not always quietly, but patiently, I wait for my friend.

Tell me this time, my friend Justice… are you luring me out past the breakers, where currents are strong and the undertow is great? Or could it be, my trusted ally, that this time you are standing behind me, nudging me forward?

For however noble it is to follow where Justice leads, when we pioneer ahead, we open up space for her to unfurl and release freedom that expands beyond what our eyes can see. 

Just as a good friend would, Justice desires to see us flourish too. She challenges and inspires us, drawing out our brave in order to reveal our own beauty to the world.

Could it be, that when we are together – hand in hand –  her heart sings, too?







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Communications major. Journalist. Willing: to have the tough conversations. Living out the belief that communication strengthens connection.

One thought on “Miss Justice”

  1. Wow. This line…”perhaps her message is for me to remain steadfast without her; standing bravely in the truth amidst inequality and oppression. Maybe we are called to just do our part alongside her and trust we’ve made a difference even if she stays hidden from view?”

    Convicting in a nonshaming way. I agree with this call to action. Stand for truth. Sometimes we are the nose on the plane. The calling is sure. The walking it out is a challenge to which we daily rise.

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