Voice is breath is life

The lie is that you are alone

the lie that no one would understand what you are going through

the lie is that your feelings are solitary

the lie is that no one other would relate

the lie is that you are apart

this lie, that you are alone, is a lie.


This lie isolates

this lie divides

this lie casts shadows

this lie conceals truth

this lie causes decay and rot

this lie deteriorates

that lie, that says you are alone, is a lie.


Your voice brings light

light exposes truth

truth attracts

your voice beckons unions

your voice invites harmony

harmony is unity

unity is harmony

unity is from the Father

the Father is light.


Light is the absence of dark

light exposes truth

truth is the absence of a lie

your voice releases truth.








Your voice is a gift

a gift is a present

a present is presence

presence defeats  absence

presence is power

your voice is power

you have a voice

voice is breath

breath is life

life is power

you are full of life

you are full of power

your voice is powerful

You have a voice.



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Communications major. Journalist. Willing: to have the tough conversations. Living out the belief that communication strengthens connection.

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