This I know

I know how many wine glasses I own. Before my guests arrive, I take a quick inventory to make sure there are enough for everyone coming. A simple task of evaluating your supply is easy. It’s a quick game of visuals, adding and evaluating based on numbers.

What if we took a moment to take stock of our own personal inventory of our life experiences? Little glimpses of our life story, noted as factual moments that we are able to claim as absolute.  A compiled list of moments, that no one may take authority over or attempt to refute, because its truth lies solely within you; and where only you have  permission to claim it.

What if, by sharing that moment with others,  an understanding into who you are is exposed, that perhaps may change someones perception of you, bringing about a deeper love and greater compassion for others? Consider the possibility of inspiring a succession of moments, set free to bring about whatever is needed through their release.

My sisters and I can talk about anything and everything.  We reminisce, regularly, the mutual memories that shaped our childhood.  We each, of course, have our own personal adaptation of the event, but never do we discard another’s perception, as there is always something new to discover from an old remembrance.


As with many  women, I struggle with contemplating whether anyone would be interested in listening to me ramble about my life experiences. Who cares what I think, anyways? We never truly know the measure of impact our stories have on others.  And this is part of  being a writer: we release our words (art) into the world, and allow them to reach whoever they need to reach, for that very moment, for that very reason, that even the author will never know. Yes, its vulnerable. Yes, its risky.

so, here’s in celebration of who I am:

  • munched on rhubarb stalks that grew wild along the front steps of our commune in Alaska
  • Walked to the outhouse every night with my sister, in the woods of Alaska. And oh yea, I was 3
  • sat at the very tip of the north jetty of Samoa Beach and experienced the immense power of the breaking waves
  • while living on the coast I learned to appreciate finding sand in everything
  • felt 3 earthquakes size 6.0 and higher within 24 hours
  • listened to the boisterous cackle of my grandmother laughter and wanting it as my own
  • hearing of Kurt Cobain death while playing tennis in PE, my senior year of high school
  • went on a wild road trip with my best friend to San Fransisco for an REM concert
  • pretending to be a woodland fairy while playing in the Redwood Forest
  • driving my first car down the highway and having the hood fly up in the windshield
  • cut off all my hair and dyed it blonde to start over in a new state
  • fell in love with the painful beauty of tattoos
  • mustered up the strength to flee an abusive relationship
  • took my 1 month old baby with me
  • discovered my love for Wonder Woman was in direct reflection to being a single mother
  • burned a womans hair off while putting in highlights
  • told a man I love him and he ran away
  • said “yes” on top of a boulder in Waldorf Canyon to the man who ran away
  • fell in love with 200 girls while teaching at a beauty school
  • arose a matriarch amidst my daughters fight with cancer
  • got out of a speeding ticket by my daughter exposing her bald head to the officer
  • discovered the  pure power of the only true hope
  • moved to the country
  • experienced the awe-inspiring, amazing beauty of natural birth
  • read Lioness Arising
  • found myself, while among my neighbor, nature
  • learned that having chickens is not glamorous
  • looked in the mirror and spoke “You are a writer”

As my life continues to unfold, so will this list of moments, each one adding value to the inventory of me. Perhaps you can identify with one or two, or maybe you cannot and so the words begin to cultivate a greater understanding of others.

I encourage you to write your own inventory, put it to paper and speak of the moments that you know.  The moments that are of importance to you, for whatever reasons, that they might become warm, encouraging inspiration for others. Feel free to comment with your own list, or blog it and post it below!

“Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.” 
― Parker J. Palmer, Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation



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Communications major. Journalist. Willing: to have the tough conversations. Living out the belief that communication strengthens connection.

2 thoughts on “This I know”

  1. Authenticity has been on my mind this week as well. We think we know who we are and then something happens to make you wonder “who am I really?” I’ll tell you one thing for sure. In my house, you may drink wine in a wine glass, a coffee mug or a red soho cup – whichever you find first when you go to pour yourself a glass. 🙂

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