A Red Tent Awaits

image compliments of: bayside red tent  circle
image compliments of: bayside red tent circle

A motherless daughter sits on the outer edges of  the red tent.  She is somewhat frightened and equally intrigued of her changing body.  She has been exploring herself, admiring her development and beginning to relish, in awe, this next season that is upon her.  Yet she waits for an invitation to come in to the inner sanctuary of the place where women disclose the silent understandings; uncovering  mysteries of these intense feelings and emotions that have been dancing alongside the beholding of her own transformation.     She longs to sit at the feet of those who have gone before, to touch the skin of a real woman of nurture and maturity. 

To be invited to come inside this tent would mean it was her time.  To meet a woman who truly loves every detail of the female form; one who has embraced its beauty and has welcomed its wildness; one who delights in celebrating the magnificent display of womanhood.  

When an excitement and passion, of an awakening of who you are, has summoned you to the intersection of passion and purpose; this is where the invitation awaits.  An invitation to feed your hunger for greater understanding; for deeper wisdom; to search out the heart of a loving guide who will explain all the wonder that you are in great search of.

Oh, to be a maiden in the red tent, to be silent and still; to push back my hair behind my ears and allow every word to be digested.  An adolescent enthusiasm of wonder and curiosity that pulses through my spirit, calling me out to present myself as a rightful attendee in this tent of insight.  I will attempt to only speak when spoken to lest my inadequacies expose my immaturity and drive me to retreat in the embarrassment of an arousal of passion before its rightful time. 

I am ready to take instruction, I am ready to learn understanding of those things in which I do not understand; those dreadful things that sit in front of my path preventing me to move forward.   My soul yearns for encouragement through criticism; the piercing words of love that bring development and growth.  I am ready for the sting as I have persevered through many a pain and it never fails to birth something beautiful.  

So here I sit, inside the red tent, under the shadows of the matriarchs who are gracious to share, and I say “thank you” and “yes, please” to any request, to any petition that you may have.  I shall  stand or I  shall sit, whatever you require, and I promise to mind, for my soul is thirsty and my spirit anticipates this next season that awaits to be ushered in. 

{ Friends, yes, a new season is upon me as I enter into my very first formal writing group.  Passion and purpose have been wildly stirring in me and I have finally decided to commit to stewarding well the gifts I have been given.  I hope to continue to inspire you in even greater ways and discover a deeper understanding of how to express in words, these things that ignite my soul.

This post was written to remind myself of why I am beginning this journey.  There will be obstacles, no doubt, even laziness and attempts of paralysis aimed at my diligence and courage.  I write this to quiet my inner critic and give the mic to the emerging apprentice.  To remind yourself of the why behind your commitments is to remind yourself of your values and your beliefs; those things that form who you are and how you live. I choose, today, to only give space and voice to the words that will arrest any anticipated fear or doubt. }

For Freedom,



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Communications major. Journalist. Willing: to have the tough conversations. Living out the belief that communication strengthens connection.

3 thoughts on “A Red Tent Awaits”

  1. Melinda!
    I am absolutely speechless! This is beyond beautiful! I can not wait to share it with my girls! God has given you many beautiful gifts and I am so blessed to have you in my life!
    Love and Hugs!

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