Let’s Party.

International Women’s Day was March 8th, guess I didn’t hear about the party.  I hope I spent that day doing something womanly and having a joy filled time, but chances are, I was either doing laundry, cooking for little mouths or changing a diaper. Maybe for next years celebration I will actually put it on the calendar and intentionally celebrate amazing women in my life, in a very thoughtful way. But wait!  There is one way we can celebrate one another or celebrate women who empower and encourage.  It’s not too late to consecrate the value of great women in our lives, and I know just the way to do so.

If you have ever been stung by a friendship gone sour, you are like many of us who truly desire honest and sincere relationships, but may be a bit guarded.   That was me 8 months ago; depressed and tormented by an unhealthy friendship.  At that very moment, God lead me to two amazing women whose ministry is a network of women helping women, and whose mission is to encourage, edify and inform each other while building healthy, honest, and genuine relationships.  They provided a safe place for me that was free from gossip and competition, where friendships  flourished through the number one connector: Jesus, always, always, Jesus.  This is She Shares Ministry.

She Shares was founded by Rabecca Barth and Sarah Harmony-Powell.  These women are speakers and authors, and have a radio program that features stories about real issues, from women  who are connected within the growing She Shares community. This community expands, daily, because of Sarah and Rabecca’s heart for women;  inspiring us all to be who we need, in each others lives; to treat each other as God treats us, like a daughter of the Mighty King; choosing restoration over resentment.  Peace over pride.  Grace over gossip. This is She Shares Ministries.

she shares3

This community has been a rock for many, and I invite you to join us as we extend an invitation for you to enter into a fellowship of sisters, daughters, mothers and girls alike, who are waiting to know you, bless you and be blessed by you.

The She Shares community would also like to invite you to join in on a very special party coming up…She Shares is turning 1!!  This ministry has had an amazing year of milestones: a network of prayer warriors, a community of authentic Christian women, a book, and a radio show. And now…she is celebrating her new non-profit organization!  We want you to be there!  Come meet Sarah, Rabecca, and many other She Shares girls, and help celebrate what the Lord is doing, and will continue to do, through this ministry!

She Shares is hosting a fun birthday party filled with entertainment, great silent auction items, and most importantly, real connections.  If you want to connect in a community of great women, come!  If you want to support and encourage great women, come! If you want to promote women’s ministry events and outreach within your community, please come!  This is also an open invitation for all who are interested in partnering with a ministry that builds women up.

she shares

Here are the details, my friends:

She Shares  – Celebrates one year!

Saturday, August 10th from 6 – 9pm

Schomp BMW in Littleton, CO

Tickets: $15 click here 

International Womens Day went by this year without so much as a quiet hooray in my world, maybe yours too?  According to Wiki How, there are 6 ways you could celebrate this day: think about the women who you would like to thank, tell women why they are important to you, do something for an important woman in your life, think about a nice gesture or gift, or give money to a charity that supports women.  Celebrating with She Shares would touch on each and every suggestion listed!  So there, no excuses!  Come get to know good women, who are looking to make a difference in each others lives!

One of the greatest ways you can support this ministry, is to share it within your circle of influence.  Mike and I are a proud sponsor of this event and we hope to see you there, however, if you cannot make it, consider making a contribution to this ministry here, posting the event to your Facebook page here, or sharing this blog via twitter, email or FB, below.

So now…let’s party.

In love,



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Communications major. Journalist. Willing: to have the tough conversations. Living out the belief that communication strengthens connection.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Party.”

  1. I may be biased but I LOVE this post! 😉 So happy that you found comfort and encouragement through our ministry. We love and adore you and all that you are… You were such a treasure to be found!

    So excited to party with you this weekend! Thanks for supporting us and spreading the word!!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! It’s time we all celebrate each other…it’s time we all build each other up. You are the example of what building up others looks like in the flesh. Thank you for being a blessing in my life and the lives of all of the women you touch!

  3. I just love you girls, and your heart for women. What you are doing is contagious!! Thank you for all you do!

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