This life of mine, alongside a beautiful, creative 13 yr old – despite all the negative illustrations of chaos, emotions and anarchy accompanied in conversations regarding the teen – years  has become an adventure that I would never again choose to believe it best to merely “get through” or survive.  Much to the contrary, what I am learning, thus far, is this:  the more time I take to uncover who she is and discover her needs and passions, the more my love for her grows. I begin to understand who she is, inside.   The more my love for her grows, the more eager and engaged I become into creating an atmosphere of safety, love and relationship, in hopes to nurture who she is, allowing her to flourish.

In our home, we have replaced the question of  “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, with “Who are you, and what do you love?”; turning the focus away from  growing a human-doing  and  establishing an opportunity for human-being.  

Recently my daughter attended an 8th grade career fair. Sadly, the focus was on “who do you want to work for?” instead of “what are your passions?”. 95% of the businesses represented were large corporations, chains, or franchises. There was no talk or encouragement of unearthing a passion, merely a simple coaching towards making money.   As a parent, I want my child to be equipped with not only grade equivalent academics, but also with skills and success strategies geared towards her own unique ideas for her future. But how do I do this?

Million Dollar Butterflies, a television show that teaches kids how to achieve success in life and business, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the production of three pilot episodes that will be submitted to networks and executives. “I want to create a TV show that will teach kids and teens how to achieve success in life and business by doing what they love,” says creator Mary MacNeilly.

Ms. MacNeilly has already begun testing the concept in Denver. Through the success of a weekly radio show on KLZ AM 560, a weekly television show on the Fox affiliate and a web-based talk show, she was able to prove that there was an audience of kids and parents who want to watch a fun show about success and business. She now wants to put all of these together into one program that shows kids, parents and teens how to turn their passion into their purpose and determine their future rather than letting someone else determine it for them. ((Applause))


Million Dollar Butterflies grabs the attention of kids and teens by reaching them where they already are: on radio, TV and social media. Throw in some singing, acting and dancing and this isn’t your normal classroom setting to receive a business education. The audience becomes engaged and walks away as leaders that know how to give back and have a positive impact in their schools and communities. Some will create their own businesses and become entrepreneurs, but everyone will become confident in the knowledge that they have learned a proven method for success in business before they even graduate from high school. I believe we all truly want this opportunity for every child, not just our own. 

However, before the pilot episode can be shown to network executives, it must first be funded. The funds raised through the Kickstarter campaign will be used to rent a sound stage, hire a professional crew and produce a pilot episode that will feature Mary, her Million Dollar Butterflies and teens who are already making a big impact in their communities. I appreciate Mary’s drive and determination to turn around the social status-quo; seeing a need in our society, and her decision to become a part of the solution.

For more information on how you can support Million Dollar Butterflies, please visit the Kickstarter link, their website , like them on Facebook and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

I encourage you to share this blog post to generate awareness of this amazing organization.  By sharing this post, you are taking an action step towards becoming the change you want to see in the world.



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