I have never heard the word “mom” uttered in so many vastly, different expressions, in my entire life.  In fact, in my home, it has replaced my California fallback word,  “dude”.  Dude  means just as many expressions, “awesome!” , “Lame!” , “Go away”, or “Get over here”.  The key is to really tune in to the inflection your kids are using as to what they are really trying to say.  So many different meanings, coupled with varying squeakiness.

There is a modernization of mommy-ing going on.  Maybe it’s not really all that new, but its new to me, and possibly to you!  So I claim the  “newness” like a gift bag from Nordstrom and I’m really excited about it!  Today’s mom is engaged in her children’s lives; we seek out who they are, as a person – their individuality and creativity – and we celebrate them.  We are active in our homes and thriving with leading our families.  We are alert and aware; having a keen eye out for danger and potential threats.  We also walk in full recognition that we are created with very specific qualities that support, encourage and nurture our family.  Whether we work within the home or away from the home, we have grasped our capabilities, embraced them, and bring them into our leadership within the family.  Its incredible and amazing.  We are modern moms.

Modern does not necessarily mean that you have the latest Coach collection, newest edition of the I-Phone, or a prize collection of shoes (however, shoes do have some serious soup-for-the-soul effect, and that is AAllll Gooood).  It means that you are engaged and involved in the well-being of your children. An understanding of not only what they do, but who they are.  The word “modern” on dictionary.com says “up-to-date; cutting edge; present” and that is exactly how it is intended here.  Modern Mom, with a capital M.

We ask ourselves this:

What are they reading?  is it inspiring, mentally stimulating and age appropriate? 

What are they eating?  Is it good for their body, producing a strong immune system and fighting off disease?

What are they saying?  are their conversations  full of love, compassion and of purpose?

What are they hearing?  a patient voice, a strong correction and affirmations of love and encouragement?

What are they seeing?  healthy communication,  questioning today’s culture? taking a stand  for truth?

Today’s family life is not the same as 10 yrs ago.  Many new avenues  attack our family’s values, as well as the consistent issues that plague us in every generation.  Are our children  aware of these issues?  Could they identify the warning signs?

At times, our world is a scary place, but that does not warrant us to live in fear.  We must teach our children to be alert.  appropriately guiding them towards what is right, and what is true, so they will be able to recognize wrong when they see it, and discern it when they feel it.  Our children learn wisdom by watching us: how we speak, how we react, how we live and how we love.  Modern Moms engage in open communication.  Embracing every opportunity to speak life and encourage growth.

Modern Moms  research the “why”, the “what”, and the “how”,  before we decide to make it a part of our life.  We are the front lines for our family, and today’s modern mom is loving it.  We are loving our roles, finding value and meaning to every endeavor and connecting with like-minded women across the continent.  It’s an exciting time to be a mom, a fantastic voyage, says Coolio; and when you can stop for just a moment, aware of Gods hand over your life, you can feel the wind of thanksgiving blowing through your hair.

Moms rock.


yes, you are.
yes, you are.




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Communications major. Journalist. Willing: to have the tough conversations. Living out the belief that communication strengthens connection.

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