Stasi Eldredge

Love her.  

Real.  Lovely.  Simple, yet powerful, words.  Strong supporter of women.

I had the pleasure of hearing Stasi speak this past weekend about her new book coming out in August titled, “Becoming Myself: Embracing God’s dream of you”.  Her previous book, Captivating, had been a pivotal influence in my life, helping me to see how cherished and admired I truly was; it brought a fresh concept of “beauty” into my life.  When I saw that she was coming to a nearby town, I bought a ticket, immediately.  Two months had passed before the conference had arrived, and I was eager to hear her speak, but had no idea the full impact her words would have in my life, at this very moment.

What I took away from the weekend was a new perspective of who I am. Who am I?  I have my own thoughts and ideas of who I am based on my looks, my hobbies, and my skills and talents; many portraits have been painted by words spoken of me by loved ones, friends and family;  but what is the truth?  Well, the truth starts with God’s perspective of who I am.  Do I really believe all those scriptures that tell me: He loves me; I am beautiful; I am lovely; I am embraced? I may have had faith that they were true, but to honestly say I that I live in the complete assurance of the beauty God says I am, that may be a stretch.  

Stasi shared about how God desires us to dream with him.  About our life, our future, our passions and every bit of our life.  What do I want?  God says the possibilities for me are limitless – just as his glory is limitless – our ability to reflect his glory is limitless.  Its time to live “awake and curious”; to come alive – you have full permission!

There is definitely a common message our Father is speaking to his women today.  It is a common language spoken by great leaders such as Stasi Eldredge, Lisa Bevere and Christine Caine; it is a message of empowering Gods women.  Raising up women to live with purpose and intention.  It is beautiful, and I claim it for myself.  You can too.

“Our dreams guide us into fuller expressions of who we are – they will eventually reflect His glory.” – Stasi Eldredge

 Maybe your dreams have crashed and burned.  Maybe your dreams just fizzled out and you have settled in to whatever this life has dealt you.  Maybe, possibly, you have never even taken the time to listen to your own heart, and hear its desires?  Your Father wants to dream with you. He is inviting you to discover who you truly are, and walk in it, boldly.

Remember who you are.  You are a daughter of the King.  You are royalty.  Stand a bit taller today; walk determined, today; speak with strength, today, for you are admired.  You are embraced.  You are beautiful.

You have been given permission to walk in full authority over every area of your life:  Physical, Relational, Spiritual and Emotional.  You have been granted access to walk in freedom in each of these domains.  How healthy are these areas in your own life? Discover the strategies God has given us, in his Word, to live a life of freedom and fulfillment.

Challenge: hang out in Ephesians 6 for a while; listen as the how-to’s God gives us, were spoken to equip and empower us all.  Practice them.  Walk in them, daily, and watch the clarity, power and wisdom become stronger in your life.  And when it does, tell someone about it.  Share it with others, reflect it in your life, and you will be giving Him glory, naturally.

Becoming Myself: embracing Gods dream of you“, written by Stasi Eldredge, is scheduled for  release in August of 2013.  For more information, please check out for updates, ministry news and a surplus of resources for your faith walk.





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